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Friday, 2 March 2012

Things We Love

In our house, we have certain products that we just can't live without; that make our lives easier and keep baby happy. Here are some of these products (more to be added as they become necessary).

1) Natursutten Orthodontic Pacifier
Made from pure, natural rubber. BPA-free. 

Oh Natursutten, you make a hideous product. But it works. McKenna loves this soother more than any other. Heaven forbid we leave the house without it...

Something had to be done about these ugly Natursutten pacifiers...keeps baby's sookie close and draws attention away from the ugly thing in their mouth. 

3) Ovol

In our house, also known as "baby crack". 

Makes it possible to get household chores done, run errands and get outside on crappy days, while still meeting baby's need to be close to you. 

5) A good bottle of wine

For "those days".

6) Lecithin Supplements
Lecithin has been a god-send in eliminating blocked ducts. Before lecithin, I was getting a block at least once a week, lasting 3-4 days. Since starting lecithin, I have had none.